The Queer Eye team travelling to a tiny town in middle-of-fucking-nowhere NSW at first seems both strange and unlikely. It would, of course, immediately stop seeming strange and unlikely if it turned out that that town was Yass.

Following the news that the Fab 5 were hanging out in Canberra today, there are now rumours floating around that they will be spending Wednesday in a town roughly 60km away with the singularly most appropriate name possible.

The Canberra Times is offering up three pieces of evidence: the Queer Eye billboards erected outside Yass, a local resident telling Fairfax recently that interviews for the show had been taking place in the town a while back, and a “special media event” that is being jointly held tomorrow night by Yass Valley Tourism and an unnamed production crew.

Digital fashion magazine Leiden has offered up its own tasty tidbits, citing the “combined efforts of [their] interconnected web of spies“:

Our spies also revealed to us that the fab five, or at least Antoni, would be taking over the kitchen of Trader & Co in Yass on the morning of the 6th of June. We have since found out that the Queer Eye production team have instead opted for a local pub, however we do have it on good authority that Antoni will be making use of local produce including a pumpkin sourced from Trader & Co. Lucky pumpkin.

The Yass Tribune added their own little bit of evidence, sharing a photo posted by a local business that is 100% just a photo of them hanging out in the loft apartment in Georgia from the TV show. Good guess, though.

Obviously, this is all a bit spurious at this stage, but it would seem extremely unlikely that they’d travel all the way across the world to go that close to a place called Yass and then not do anything there.

Image: Getty Images / Tibrina Hobson