First of all, the Nancy Meyers Christmas film The Holiday is an absolute classic, and I will not hear a bad word about it.

Second of all…. look, alright, there are some bad words to be had about it. Not many, you understand, but imho Jack Black and Kate Winslet were always a weird on-screen couple and through the lens of 2017, it’s a blindingly white movie.

But: it is a classic, ja feel?? If romantic comedies make you roll your eyes as you pretend to enjoy a cheap whiskey and watch RoboCop for the 40th time, then this ain’t the post for you. (That movie rules, though.)

In case you somehow missed 2006, The Holiday stars Winslet and Cameron Diaz as two women who house swap (which I think was a thing in the pre-Airbnb years of the 2000s) after their love lives take a turn for the worst. In each other’s houses and lives, they both meet a man (Black and Jude Law, respectively), and after some highs and lows, laughs and cries, all end the movie dancing happily in Winslet’s adorable English cottage despite the fact that geographical differences (Diaz and Black live in L.A.) would render any continued relationship all-but dead.

Whatever. It’s fantastic.

jude law the holiday

But as we come into Christmas season – and yes, it’s mid November, Christmas season is well and truly here – it’s time to start debating everyone’s favourite holiday movies all over again.

Alanna Bennett, who writes about film and TV over at BuzzFeed US, starting this whole debate up.

She’s wrong, but okay.

People had a few thoughts about how exactly she was wrong:

But that led her here:

And now, folks are casting their imaginations wild for the ultimate casting of a The Holiday reboot.

We’ll start with Ira Madison‘s, because this was the only one I could be bothered to photoshop a version of.

the holiday recast

That took me far too long and still isn’t very good, so just USE YOUR IMAGINATIONS for the rest of them, okay?

10/10 would watch, tbh.

Also 10/10 would watch.

Alright just make all of these happen, okay?

Please, if Hollywood loves us AT ALL and wants to make up for a real shitty year, let 2018 be the year that The Holiday gets the reboot it deserves.

the holiday cameron diaz

Image: The Holiday