The seriously quite-good current season of The Block is motoring towards its end stages, with the main apartments all now completely renovated and done, leaving one final challenge apartment and the ultimate auction left to air before the show downs tools for another year.

Part of that late-season action also saw the show throw the doors open on the now-refitted Gatwick building for a public open inspection yesterday.

Unsurprisingly, punters went absolutely nuts for it.

The open inspection began at 10am Sunday morning, but the keenest fans were there well over 48 hours prior, staking out the Fitzroy St location outside the Gatwick and giving an unintentionally eerie nod to the building’s checkered past.

One super fan, a woman by the name of Rachel Delahunty, was reportedly in-line at the Gatwick from 5am on Friday morning; a full 53 hours before the doors were thrown open to the public.

By the time Sunday morning rolled around, the prime St Kilda location was heaving with punters all frothing to get inside and see whether or not Hayden Sara‘s ridiculously gaudy bathtub is actually real.

Spoiler alert: It is.

Christ alive that thing sucks. Looks like a dang set piece from Austin Powers: Goldmember.

Nonetheless, footage from the inspection is wild, with throngs of heaving punters shutting down traffic for hours across Sunday afternoon.

Cop a look at the footage. Heads on ’em like mice.

Unbelievable scenes.

Hosts Scott Cam and Shelly Craft were on hand as the show shot footage which will form part of the series finale, prior to the all-important auction taking place.

If Norm Jess don’t wind up winning there’ll be riots in this office, quite frankly.

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Image: Twitter / The Block