A brand new season of batshittery (let’s pretend that’s a word) is on its way via Australia’s The Bachelor and if the promos are anything to go by, we’re in for a treat.

The promos alluded to some confusion among the contestants about Matt Agnew’s job and in a leaked clip obtained by the Daily Mail, a coupla gals allegedly admit that they think he’s making it up.

“What’s the word he says about what he does? It’s such a big word,” a contestant named Vakoo asks, to which another contender called Kristen replies: “Astrophysicist”.

The girls appear to be perplexed by the word and they repeat it several times, trying to get a grasp of their potential future partner’s career.

Another woman, who is supposedly named Sophie, then says, “It sounds like a fake job. Like, ‘My boyfriend’s an astrophysicist!'”

It seems like Matt’s job is a source of confusion for all the ladies as later on another lass named Rachael is asked by a producer if she knows what he does, to which she responds, “No, not really. Am I supposed to?”

Catch the clip here via the DM.

In the first full-length trailer for the new season, Matt tells a contestant named Abbie what he does for work and her immediate response is, “I’m a Gemini.”

The screen then cuts to Matt in a confessional looking v. confused over her reaction.

We look forward to seeing how he fares with the mixed responses to his spaceman persona as the season goes on.

The Bachelor 2019 is set to drop on Channel Ten later this year.

Image: Channel 10