When I was on holidays in the US earlier this year, my mate and I kept seeing trailers for Temptation Island, and let me tell you even the TV ads were smutty as all hell. It took me right back to the early noughties, when the show aired in Australia on Channel Seven and was a saucy little morsel of reality TV goodness that my brother and I were obsessed with.

When I came back from my holiday I was greeted with the happy news that Channel Seven had decided to reboot the show, which pleased me greatly. See, I’m a huge fan of Bachelor In Paradise (which I co-recap for Pedestrian), and Temptation Island is like that but with ACTUAL COUPLES who are separated and placed with a bunch of hot, horned-up singles to see if they will cheat. It’s a horrible concept, really, but also undeniably riveting.

But this week, TV industry site TV Blackbox reports that Seven has “axed” the show, claiming that production was due to begin in October but has been pulled, with “budget” being blamed for the hold-up.

Media publication Mumbrella speculates that it has something to do with Seven’s latest reality / romance outing, The Super Switch, premiering to a disappointing 308,000 viewers back in June, adding that a Channel Seven spokesperson told them that Temptation Island hasn’t been axed, merely “postponed”. Hmmm.

Ten and Nine seem to the stranglehold on the dating sub-genre of reality TV, with shows like The Bachelor, Married at First Sight and Love Island all rating well for the two networks. It makes sense that Seven would want a piece of that pie, but perhaps they don’t think Temptation Island is their way in.

I personally think the show is ridiculous and raunchy enough to be a smash hit, but I’m not a TV network bigwig so I’ll just be over here YouTubing old clips from the OG series, I guess. (You can do the same thing HERE).