Face it – Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic are pretty much the only couple making Bachelor In Paradise more than just a parade of annoying Insta-whores who can’t seem to master sunscreen application.

The surprise couple have been cuteness overload since their rebound day-hang that left Michael showing 0.2% of emotion on his rejected face, and last night they enjoyed their very first, very adorable date where they just got shitfaced on liquor and enjoyed the soothing tunes of a Fijian duo who really just wanted to take their pay packet and GTFO.

Apparently, this sweet smooch was just the beginning of what fast became a SEX FEST.

‘Bachie’ Insider Claims Sam & Tara Were ‘At It Like Rabbits’ During Filming

Fuck cute romantic moments, if the insider from the Bachelor In Paradise set that spoke to Woman’s Day is anything to go by, Tara and Sam were boning like a couple of sex-mad uni students for the entirety of filming – and had no problem oversharing with the rest of the contestants, either.

‘Both Sam and Tara would openly brag to the others about what they’d got up to the night before and didn’t hold back on the details,’ the insider claimed.

‘Tara would joke she and Sam had been “clapping” in the shower the night before.’


‘Bachie’ Insider Claims Sam & Tara Were ‘At It Like Rabbits’ During Filming

Never believe a source? Pfffffft. MATES. That is the only way you get any juice off set, you silly billy’s! You gotta (sometimes) believe a source! This one, for example, lines up quiiiite well with another little tidbit Woman’s Day published back in December.

Back then, a source told the mag this:

“[Sam] spent his stay bragging about his outdoor shower shenanigans with a female cast member.”

In the same article? Woman’s Day reported that Sam and his undisclosed sex pal were ‘clapping in the shower’.

Network Ten is yet to make a statement on this rumour but like that fucking matters. We just want to read WILD ALLEGATIONS!

I have an extremely vivid mental image now of Tara and Sam absolutely going for it in an outdoor shower and frankly my friends, it’s a lot for a Monday morning. Real talk – do we think Sam wears his horrific baker boy hat while showering, in a sort of “never-nude” Tobias Funke way?

‘Bachie’ Insider Claims Sam & Tara Were ‘At It Like Rabbits’ During Filming

I think yes.

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Source: Woman's Day
Image: Bachelor In Paradise