You know how people are always gobsmacked by ‘transformations’ – like on Backyard Blitz when Jamie Durie and Scott Cam would magically overhaul a totally wrecked garden, or when <insert celebrity with a newborn> loses weight post-pregnancy and gossip rags faun all over them. Everyone loves a rapid and sudden transformation – or at the very least is totally transfixed by one, seemingly against our will, like paper clips drawn to a magnet.

Well, here’s a transformation you don’t need to apologise for being fascinated by: filmmaking’s crown prince, Taika Waititi, embodying Hitler on set of his new film, Jojo Rabbit.

The shot features Roman Griffin as the film’s 10-year-old lead, a boy who dreams of joining the Nazis, having dinner with his anti-Nazi mum, Scarlett Johansson, and his imaginary friend, Hitler.

Gotta hand it to both Waititi for his dedication to the role, and to his obvs incredibly talented costume/styling department because that’s some fine work there, wow.

Since the film was announced, Waititi has consistently assured everyone of the film’s honest and true intentions: “to finally ridicule Nazis and their beliefs. This film is going to piss off a lot of racists and that makes me very happy“. And last week, he posted a picture of himself giving his character’s muse the finger, writing: “What better way to insult Hitler than having him portrayed by a Polynesian Jew?

Waititi also writes and directs the movie, currently being shot in Prague, which also features man-way-too-adept-at-playing-a-cunt Sam Rockwell as a Nazi captain, and our very own Rebel Wilson as an instructor at a Hitler Youth camp.

Seems like our boy Taika Waititi has certainly committed himself to quite the undertaking for his sixth film as director. Although he’s definitely not working too hard. See:

Image: Instagram / @taikawaititi