Survivor. It’s a game of outwitting, outplaying, and outlasting your fellow teammates on a lush-but-deserted (?) island off in the Pacific somewhere. (Samoa. It’s Samoa.)

America is currently in its 900th season and Australia has launched its fourth season (second third attempt, let’s not talk about 2002-2006.)

In this season so far, we’ve watched the development of power couple/actual couple Mark and Sam. They shared a bed (read: planks of bamboo) and although they were both there to win the ultimate challenge of Survivor and nab that $500k prize, little did they know they would end up with the best prize of all: love. AWW.

Though it’s not exactly ~news~ that Mark Wales and Samantha Gash are extremely loved up off the island, Mark was sent home during last night’s Asaga tribal council – after Henry bloody tanked the immunity challenge – meaning that not only are Mark and Sam now “reunited” (so to speak) but it means they’re free to post photos together online.

Look. LOOOOOOOK they’re so cute and well-slept. Also please note how fantastic Aimee‘s shirt is here. And AK! MAAAATES.

Personally, voting both of them out so early has probably doomed Asaga, who now prob has to rely on yoga teacher Normel Man Henry for all the physical/strength challenges.

Considering he’s clearly very happy to completely throw challenges to send everyone to tribal, and somehow Littlefinger his way into voting out who he pleases, this bodes none too well for the remainder of Asaga (or anyone else in the game if Henry lasts beyond the merge.)

Survivor’s back on again Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 10, and until then, please enjoy this gif of My Perfect Man, Locky, winking.

Image: Instagram / @samanthagash