Folks, it’s time for some shenanigans.

Netflix has announced that cult hit Super Troopers is arriving on your screens this March, and if that doesn’t have you reaching for a litre of cola, we don’t know what bloody will.

The 2002 Broken Lizard classic will be hitting the streaming service early enough for you to internalise every single line before the long-awaited sequel arrives in US cinemas on April 20.

Fox Searchlight also moved the release date of Wes Anderson’s Isle Of Dogs from April 20 to March 23rd, meaning Super Troopers 2 will have the Weed Day all to itself. Lucky buggers.

Super Troopers one of a whole stash of titles Netflix will host next month. The full list will be released tomorrow, on the off chance you’d actually like to watch something other than a cornerstone of gross-out stoner comedy. The proto-Pineapple Express, if you will.

Image: Super Troopers / Fox Searchlight