This morning on Sunrise, hosts David Koch, Samantha Armytage, and Natalie Barr took a lie detector taste to reveal all their deepest and darkest secrets and it was bloody wild. Mostly because they all got asked this baby of a question, “Do you think you’re the biggest star on the show?”, answered no, and got caught lying. Oh, it was uncomfortably glorious.

The lil’ segment started with the three hosts being covered in all the lie-detector equipment-stuff and dropping some awkward laughter here and there. Kochie looked visibly nervous and in the darkly lit room, you can’t blame the man. It literally looked like they were being questioned by the coppers on Home And Away

The operator who was all like, “You can just call me Sean” in a very suss voice proceeded to ask the Yes and No questions and for a morning show, they were pretty intense. Sean asked Kochie and Natalie if they had ever cheated on their partners and they both truthfully answered no. Would’ve been pretty awks if they didn’t. Then, Sean got right into it by asking Samantha, “Is there any member of the ‘Sunrise’ team you don’t like?” Sam takes a moment before saying no, to which the women sussin’ her answer shows a thumbs-down confirming a lie. Yeah, awkward and then the same thing happened to Kochie.

Other questions included the good ol’, “Have you ever smoked pot?”, #sowild and if “they’d ever stolen anything”. Sam stole a packet of fake fingernails when she was eight-years-old. Again, so, so wild. I’m shaking in me boots.

Anyway, to the good stuff.

When all three hosts apparently lied about thinking they’re the hottest stuff on Sunrise, Kochie delivered a wheezing laugh and said, “I’ve been there the longest but I’m not the biggest.” Nat gave a very self-deprecated no before ripping into the truth-women for giving her the thumbs-down and pulling the “inaccurate” card. I believe it’s called #fakenews, Nat. And then Sam had her turn and gave a very coy no and insisted the Cash Cow is the true star of the show.

It was a riveting seven minutes and 32 seconds and you can watch the whole thing below:

Also, apparently Kochie has had work done on his face. Scandalous.