We’ve all been in this situation: we’re trying to stream some hot-fire ~content~ and the bloody internet just nopes out of it. It happened to me once after I’d just poured myself a noice cold glass of Pinot Grigio and kicked back to watch some McLeod’s Daughters. When my telly bugged out, I damn well nearly cried. Night = ruined.

That’s why this story about Aussie battler (actually Sydney-based illustrator Sindy Sinn) who was so mad at streaming service Stan, he sent out this exasperated tweet earlier this week:

Oh, snap.

Instead of some stock-standard customer service response to the tweet, Sinn actually had the CEO of Stan, Mike Sneesby, slide into his DMs.

Turns out something (nachos and beer, evidently) struck a chord with the big cheese, and he offered to swing by and sort out Sinn’s Stan-related issues himself.

Check out the email chain below:

Image: Stan

Sneesby told us that while he is admittedly a fiend for nachos, it wasn’t just about the food. The CEO told PEDESTRIAN.TV: “We care so much more about what our customers think than we care about nachos. Having said that, this invitation for nachos seemed special. It was a no-brainer that we would go to Sindy Sinn’s house.”

So as promised, last night Sneesby rocked up to Sinn’s abode, with Stan ambassador Beau Ryan on hand kitted out like a character from Breaking Bad, which Sneesby deduced from Sinn’s watchlist was one of his favourite series.

Sindy Sinn, Mike Sneesby, Beau Ryan, and some fkn delicious lookin nachos. Image: Stan

He also brought along one of Stan’s tech gurus, Pranav ‘P-Money’ Raja. After running a few tests, Raja concluded that Sinn’s major malfunction was his router. Sneesby “fixed” the router by stomping the shit out of / chucking it into an esky and the gang hooked Sinn up with a brand-spankin’ new one.

Same, tbh. Image: Stan

The folks at Stan tell us that the group then kicked back with a few Young Henrys frothies and binged a few eps of Stan original series No Activity. There you have it, mates: all’s well that ends well.

Sinn’s partner Beth, Sneesby, Sinn and a coupla frothies. Image: Stan

Maybe next time I have a McLeod’s Daughters-related stuff-up I should hit up Sneesby and see if he is willing to help me out in exchange for a glass of $8.50 Pinot G and a packet of salt and vinegar chips. ‘Bout all I can offer, I’m afraid.

Image: Stan