We all know it. Fans be crazy – and apparently fans of Stranger Things are the craziest.

Over the weekend, one particularly passionate fan of the show called out tiny child and adorable human, Finn Wolfhard, for not stopping to say hi to him outside his hotel.

Sorry, what? You’re mad that a small child didn’t say HELLO TO YOU?

Sophie Turner Went Off At ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Who Roasted Finn Wolfhard

Obviously this is a fucking joke. Something that Shannon Purser, who played Barb in the series, immediately called out.

News of the incident has reached one Sophie Turner, the actress behind Sansa Stark on Game Of Thrones and all-round legend.

Sophie Turner Went Off At ‘Stranger Things’ Fans Who Roasted Finn Wolfhard

She also started her super famey gig at just 13 years old, so she knows a thing or two about getting swarmed by fans at a tender age.

Sophie is NOT. HAVING. IT.

She continued on to ask her followers to imagine if they were a parent and a grown adult put a phone camera in their kids face, and how they would feel about it, before continuing to shut down dissenters.

Damn straight, mate. Let’s not forget these kids might be talented actors on a very popular show, but they’re still kids. And, um, you know – HUMAN FUCKING BEINGS.

Finn himself hasn’t said anything about the incident, but props to Sophie and Shannon for going in to bat for the lil’ angel.

Image: Getty Images