Alright. Fess up. Is it you? Somebody in Australia has binge-watched 13 Netflix shows within 24 hours this year alone, and we want to know who it is.

‘Why’ and ‘How’ are the big questions here, but also ‘Any recommendations for us?’ Because uhhh, we can’t keep rewatching Stranger Things for all eternity.

Netflix has released data on binge-watching, and it’s a nice glimpse at the secret lives all of us live about 10 inches from our laptop screens.

The streaming service defines people who watch an entire TV show in the first 24 hours of its release as ‘binge racers’, and apparently, 8.4 million of us can count ourselves in that league.

The most binged show in Australia? Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, which makes sense given it was only four episodes and was one of the most hyped shows of 2016.

Then it’s not quite what you might expect (Stranger Things is all the way down at number 11, possible because at 10 episodes stretching to around 50 minutes each, that’s over eight hours of viewing time). Marvel’s The Defenders is number two, Drew Barrymore‘s cannibalistic WASPy comedy Santa Clarita Diet came third, and anime The Seven Deadly Sins came in fourth.

In fact, here are the top 20 shows in order.

  1. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life
  2. Marvel’s The Defenders
  3. Santa Clarita Diet
  4. The Seven Deadly Sins
  5. The Ranch
  6. Fuller House
  7. Atypical
  8. White Gold
  9. Friends from College
  10. F is for Family
  11. Stranger Things
  12. Grace and Frankie
  13. Orange is the New Black
  14. GLOW
  15. Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later
  16. Frontier
  17. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
  18. You Me Her
  19. Chewing Gum
  20. Anne with an E

Apparently, people in Canberra have the least to do with their time, binge-watching more shows than anyone else in Australia. They’re followed by Queenslanders and Tasmanians, and all the way down to New South Wales residents, who binge the least.

But somebody in Australia has binged a full thirteen shows within 24 hours alone, and we want to know who. (Netflix doesn’t have releasable data on state OR shows, which seems insanely mean. Also, privacy, we suppose.) If Binge Racers were treated like tennis players, this person would be ranked #12 worldwide.

If it’s you… get in contact. Givvus your recommendations, s’il vous plaît.

Image: Netflix