The hits keep on coming for Channel Nine in their Upfronts presentation. Along with the hotly anticipated local series of Love Island, Nine has also revealed they’ve signed Shaun Micallef to revive the hugely beloved quiz show Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation in 2018.

The show originally ran on Channel Ten from 2009 until 2012, with three teams – one representing Gen X, one representing Gen Y, and one representing Baby Boomers – helmed by team captains Charlie PickeringJosh Thomas, and Amanda Keller.

The new series is set to reboot the cast entirely, with only Micallef returning as host.

Nine’s series, which was initially revealed a few months ago but officially confirmed today, will see Gen X and Gen Y take on “newcomers” Gen Z, with the Boomer presence booted from the show for good.

Three new team captains have also been announced, with Gen X represented by actor and radio host Robyn Butler, Gen Y captained by the needs-no-introduction Andy Lee, and Gen Z helmed by newcomer and very young person Laurence Boxhall.

Micallef appeared at the Upftonts presentation to announce the new series, stating he’d initially joined the process to help facilitate the casting of new team captains, but the allure of hosting the show once again proved too great.

Micallef also explained the absence of the Boomer team by slyly stating “they’ve had their time.”

For once in their miserable lives they won’t be dominating. I’m a baby boomer — maybe I’m the representation actually. There’ll be a new game — it’s called ‘Beat the Baby Boomer’ … they’re wheeled on, literally, and go against the other teams.

Generation Z are old enough to be worthy to be seen on TV, apparently. It’s going to be interesting to see Generation X not be in the middle anymore.

The revived series on Channel Nine does not appear to pose any threat to Micallef’s acclaimed Mad as Hell on the ABC; Shaun himself previously confirmed that the series will return for an eighth season in 2018.

What will be interesting is whether or not Your Gen on Nine will be as magnificently off-the-rails as the last time Micallef graced the network’s halls with his own show.

Swap the Tyrell Corp chair out for a permanent High Horse™ and I will buy scores of investment properties just to jack the ratings up.