To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the iconic teen screwball comedy that: effectively kick-started both Jonah Hill and Emma Stone‘s careers; cemented awkward Michael Cera in the international consciousness; and, gifted us with McLovin, its writer Seth Rogen has taken to Twitter to share some ‘Superbad‘ trivia, and to answer fan questions.

While the actor who played McLovin, Christopher Mintz-Plasse is only 28, oh god.

Dw, Seth, WE CARE.

Seth Rogen Drops A Fountain Of ‘Superbad’ Knowledge On Twitter & We Defs Care

Throughout his li’t trivia tweetstorm, we all learned some very important facts, including but not limited to:

  • the cast of ‘Jersey Shore‘ are fans, who then helped bring D.T.F. into common parlance;
  • Superbad‘ was the first film to say “fingerfuck” in it;
  • Eastbound & Down‘ star, frequent Rogen collaborator Danny McBride is an extra at the first party;
  • Dave Krumholtz, arguably best known for “I have a dick on my face, don’t I?” in ‘10 Things I Hate about You‘ came up with the title; and
  • filming for the final house party happened about half a block away from the house where OJ Simpson probably murdered Nicole Brown Simpson (I said “probably”).

In the Q&A portion of events, Rogen admitted that he was never sober during filming, and said that the process of getting a film made that he had written as teenager was “amazing and we are still shocked“.

The thread also gave rise to some good ol’ fashioned inter-comedian ribbing of Joe Lo Truglio from ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘, who appeared in the film as Francis the Driver, with a ‘warrant out on him for a totally nonviolent crime’.

Yeah, Michael Showalter, writer/cast of ‘Wet Hot American Summer‘, which also features Lo Truglio, went in on him, with Rogen and excellent comedian Mike Birbiglia leaping to his defence. And Michael Ian Black – who also featured in ‘Wet Hot American Summer‘ – kicking the boot in, before getting distracted with some sweet Birbliglia burns/deep love and affection. That’s a lot of Mikes with opinions on ‘Superbad‘.

Seth Rogen Drops A Fountain Of ‘Superbad’ Knowledge On Twitter & We Defs Care

We also found out that the film made Birbliglia cry.

Image: Getty Images / Joe Scarnici