In case you weren’t aware, two of the best shows on TV right now are set for a crossover episode. Yep, Scandal‘s Olivia Pope and How To Get Away With Murder‘s Annalise Keating – two of the most boss female characters ever – will be in one room, and TV’s across the world will probably explode bc TOO MUCH POWER IN ONE PLACE.

The news dropped late last year, and while fans went entirely apeshit, there wasn’t much to run on in terms of how this would pan out and what it would look like.

While Queen of TV Shonda Rhimes hasn’t given anyone much tbh, she did allow Entertainment Weekly a lil’ scoop c/o a pic that has gotten us more than a bit excited.

Here’s A Look At That ‘Scandal’ & ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Crossover Ep
Source: Mich Haaseth/ABC/Entertainment Weekly.

GOOD LORD. Those dual power walks? The determined I-don’t-take-shit faces? Fuck YES.

Technically this’ll be a crossover event – according to Entertainment Weekly, Annalise will appear on Scandal, then Olivia will appear on How To Get Away With Murder.

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Since the two shows air back-to-back on US channel ABC, it essentially means we’re in for one long combined episode.

Viola Davis, who plays Annalise, and Kerry Washington, who plays Olivia Pope, seemed like they had a fucking great time on set too.

“It was black girl magic on steroids!” Viola told EW. “Me and Kerry dancing to ‘Rock the Boat’? Hey, it can’t get any better.”

Please God tell me this Rock The Boat dance is in an episode. Don’t tease us.

The event is set for March 1st in the States. Can’t bloody wait.

Source: Entertainment Weekly
Image: ABC