Looks like Borat 2 is heading our way very soon, as sources have revealed that the film is not only shot but has even been screened for a few industry folks overseas.

While details of the sequel’s plot still remain vague, last month social media users spotted Sacha Baron Cohen in full Borat attire shooting in Los Angeles. Turns out though that the movie may now be completely finished.

According to Collider, the sequel will feature the character we know and… uh… love, but with a brand new twist. Apparently in Borat 2, the public now knows who the Kazakh TV personality is, and so he must go undercover in order to interview people.

Lord knows who asked for this film, or why anyone thought 2020 hadn’t suffered enough, but there’s speculation that the project is being financed by one of the big streamers. There’s just as good of a chance that Cohen is releasing the project out of his own pockets, which begs the question as to why.

The first film grossed US$262 million worldwide, which is roughly AUD$360 million, which is roughly a LOT of money. The sequel is looking to be a full-length follow-up, and not some gimmicky ad or campaign. Some lucky LA residents caught Cohen in his Borat fit, which you can peek at below.

This footage pretty much confirms that the moustachioed menace is back, and I guess I’ll just say my prayers now.

Image: Getty Images / NBC