The Satanic Temple and Netflix have reached an settlement to one of the gnarliest copyright claims in recent memory, after the Temple alleged the streaming giant used the likeness of Baphomet without paying their dues.

In a lawsuit filed earlier this month, the Temple sought nearly $69 million in damages after Netflix and Warner Bros. featured a statue of the goat-headed deity in four episodes of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina. 

The Temple uses the image of Baphomet as its logo. They claimed the statue used in the series, which looms large in Sabrina Spellman‘s occult school, was a little too close to the real-world statue fabricated by the Temple.

Further, there was what the Temple called the “prominent use of this symbol as the central focal point of the school associated with evil, cannibalism and murder.” Not something you want linked to your real-world organisation, folks. Even if you are called the Temple Of Satan.

“The Satanic Temple is pleased to announce that the lawsuit it recently filed against Warner Bros. and Netflix has been amicably settled,” the Temple said in a statement.

“The unique elements of the Satanic Temple’s Baphomet with Children statue have been acknowledged in the credits of episodes which have already been filmed. The remaining terms of the settlement are subject to a confidentiality agreement.”

For what it’s worth, the Temple of Satan doesn’t actually believe in the existence of Satan, but instead tends to invoke the evil figure’s name in high-profile campaigns to protect free speech and limit religious influence in American politics.

That doesn’t mean they won’t sue for their right to keep their hold over old goaty, though.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter
Image: Netflix