In case you missed the HUGE NEWS yesterday, everyone’s favourite loveable jerk Ryan Reynolds was cast as Pikachu in the upcoming film, Detective Pikachu. (What? There was other news?)

Yep, the Deadpool star is going to play the little electric mouse in the first ever live action Pokémon film (apparently, Pikachu – and we assume every other Pokémon – will be motion-capture).

The plot revolves around a teen (Justice Smith) who teams up with a journalist (Kathryn Newton) and Detective Pikachu to find his kidnapped father. It’s based on a game that was only released in Japan where Pikachu solves crimes, and presumably says something more than his own damn name.

The Hollywood Reporter reported yesterday that Reynolds had been cast as the titular character, but fans apparently have a few other ideas.

[And can we just pause for a second and appreciate how THR described the very concept of Detective Pikachu? “Pikachu is a species of Pokemon, while Detective Pikachu the character is a peculiar sort from the Pikachu set, a self-styled investigator who is good at finding things. Reynolds will portray the titular detective.” Incredible.]

They were REALLY keen on Danny DeVito, for a start:

But a few other names got thrown in the ring as well:

THB though, Reynolds will probably be perfect, and extremely good fodder for all kinds of Deadpool / Pikachu mash-ups, which is what the world really deserves.

Image: Getty Images / Sonia Recchia