In arguably the most unexpected Netflix news in a while, the really very good but definitely rounded off series Russian Doll is set to cop a surprise second season.

Series creator and co-star Natasha Lyonne confirmed the second season pickup earlier today on social media, in a short little video set to Gotta Get Up, which should cannon around in the head of anyone who’s watched the first season all the way through at least once.

With season one being presented as a pretty well rounded-off contained story, news of the renewal might come as something of a head scratcher to fans.

But as it turns out, the show was always designed to have life beyond its incredibly good – if not twisted and very left-turny – first outing.

Lyonne, along with series co-creators Amy Poehler and Leslye Headland, reportedly pitched the series as a three-season show, and Lyonne reportedly has ideas for how season two will look.

Namely, it’ll be, “Same show, just weirder.” Which, given the absolute spike off a cliff season one took, is going to take some damned doing.

It’s reported that the second season will be structured similarly to the first, in that it’ll be eight episodes. But beyond that, we have absolutely no idea what to expect. More death day groundhog action? More slowly decaying reality? More Thursday? Thursday! What a concept!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter