After 15 looooooooooong years, our true lord and saviour Russell Coight (Glenn Robbins) is back with his glorious mockumentary series All Aussie Adventures. The very first episode of season three aired tonight and hoo boy, it was GOOD. And by good I mean Russell kept hurting himself and it was bloody hilarious.

The man literally got his dick stuck in a hose – whatta legend.

In episode one we headed back to the remote outback country to… fix a fence, hunt for definitely-not-protected-species of food, and to examine the rough terrain for extremely rare sticks.

Oh, we also got a good look at what our country has to offer. As Russell said, “This country is home to unique fauna, not to mention animals.”

Speaking of unique fauna and animals:


True to himself, the adorable dingus kept hurting himself, even taking a rod to the groin and a big ol’ whack to the head.

Exhibit A:

For breakfast, ol’ Russell proved he was getting into the clean eating routine with a refreshing smoothie. Of course, he nearly lost his hand in the blender but it’s the thought that counts.

By the very first ad break, people were already loving Russell’s return to the little screen and celebrated accordingly:

(Not to mention every single ad break opens with Russell winking at ya.)

Then, when you think Russell can’t hurt himself any more in a 30 minute episode – the man jumps into a dodgy speedboat with a bunch of FLARES.

What could go wrong?

If you missed the episode you can catch it on TenPlay – it should be uploaded in the next hour or so.

Also, there are only seven episodes so savour these following weeks.

Catch the next episode of All Adventures Adventures, 7:30 Sunday on Channel 10.


The narration, the khaki, the DODGY HANDSHAKES – beautiful.



Image: Channel 10