The final EVER episode of Game Of Thrones has fans in massive contention. Was it good? Was it the worst thing ever? The jury is sort of out, but there’s one thing we know for certain: Robin Arryn, breastfeeding menace and Lord of the Eyrie/Defender of The Vale… got hot. Real hot.

Remember Robin? He was Lysa Arryn‘s kid (Catelyn Stark‘s sister) who was famously breastfeeding as a possibly 8-year-old child while Lysa and Catelyn discussed the Knights Of The Vale joining forces with Robb Stark‘s army. He was a snivelly little sheltered dickhead who liked seeing people pushed down the Moon Door.

The last time you probably last remember seeing Robin Arryn was when he looked like this:

That was when learning archery and Petyr Baelish came by to convince the Knights of the Vale, by manipulating Robin, into fighting alongside the Northeners in the Battle of the Bastards. We didn’t see the eternal breastfeeder until the final episode of the final season, and DAMN SON. Did this boy grow up hot or what.

OOOOOFT. He’s got big Timothee Chalamet vibes, no? It’s not just me PS, the whole internet is frothing.

If you want to thirst-follow the actor who plays Regulation-Hottie-Robin-Arryn, his name is Lino Facioli, and he has a public Instagram friends. You know what to do.

Yes Lino, you have at least one (1) more follower and it is me. Posting only my phone number into eternity in hopes you notice me (not rly but also maybe rly).