If you’ve ever imagined yourself as a Rick and Morty character, gallivanting across dimensions, saying saying ever-upsetting nihilistic things, copping yourself a butter robot, then this doesn’t quite achieve your dreams – but close enough.

As Uproxx notes, for the low low price of a US$10 donation – about $14 – you could win the major prize: to be drawn as a background character in the upcoming Rick and Morty season four. Background character ain’t too shabby.

The money, raised via Prizeo, goes to autism program provider NEXT for Autism and housing affordability not-for-profit Bergen County’s United Way.

The prize also include a meet-and-greet with co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, a tour of their LA production offices, a prize pack, and round-trip flights and accommodation.

I’ve been staring at the Ts & Cs for a while – it’s Sunday morning, I’m groggy too – and it doesn’t seem to be limited to US residents. So long as you’re over 18, you’re in with a shot, mates.

Instead of dropping $14, you could spend a bit more and get a Rick and Morty Pop! Vinyl, like ‘Pickle Rick with Laser’, or a Snowball plush toy and become the envy of all your friends. Just please don’t leave it out during sex.

The R&M team promise to potentially reveal some details about season four, which is due to drop in November.

Is Evil Morty coming back? Whatever happened to Morty Jr.? How’s Mr. Poopybutthole doing? The gag clauses in our contracts prevent us from sharing any details. But let’s just say it’s really weird and about to get a whole lot weirder. Want to see for yourself?

Roiland himself on Twitter is very encouraging about your chances:

Meanwhile, co-creator Dan Harmon is just mucking around with slow-mo and a new pool or something on Instagram. I guess that’s what happens when you quit Twitter.

Source: Uproxx
Image: Prizeo