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It’s rare for an Australian-made TV show to gain international attention, but prison-drama Wentworth, A Foxtel Original Production, has gone and done just that.

Originally premiering in 2013, Wentworth continues to garner critical acclaim and has quickly become a cult classic – in part due to its next-level cast and downright cray storylines. Try watching a few episodes without wincing at least once, I dare ya.

Reacquaint yourself with the crew below:

With season six just around the corner, I hit up Wentworth guru Hana Asano to give us the low-down on the show’s most vile characters (so far), from pretty-damn-awful to deadset monsters. Buckle up.

*Minor spoiler alert*

5. Sue ‘Boomer’ Jenkins

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Boomer is a classic all brawn, no brain type of gal. Basically violence is her answer to everything and she has done some serious damage to the other inmates who’ve gotten in her way. She’s often used as the Top Dog‘s right-hand man mostly due to her size, bad temper and tendency to ‘go bunta’ (bash inmates). But also because she’s very easily manipulated owing to the fact that she really just wants to be loved by those around her. She’s a psycho hothead but as the series progresses we see a more sensitive side to her.”

4. Franky Doyle

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Franky is a badass and self-proclaimed ‘vagitarian’ who was originally sentenced for pouring a pot of hot oil into the face of a guy who was tickin’ her off. She quickly made her way to Top Dog of Wentworth and had all the women terrified of her, doing anything she could to stay at the top. She also reigned power by running the underground drug trade in prison. Towards the later seasons, she does turn a new leaf and gains a newfound desire to turn on the straight-and-narrow as she finds the love of her life (a prison psychologist) and her release date nears. But this new life is short-lived when she’s sent back to Wentworth for the (alleged) murder of Mike Pennisi (the guy she poured hot oil on).”

3. Jake Stewart

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Jake is one of the ‘screws’ at Wentworth and truly a pathetic piece of trash. He pretty much has no morals and is a real opportunist which is shown when he makes a deal with the devil (aka Joan Ferguson) who lends him $100k to get the murderous loan sharks off his back. It seems like a pretty good idea at the time but then Jake is forever in Furgeson’s debt and she forces him to commit murders and start up a relationship with the innocent and vulnerable governor, Vera Bennett, only to divulge all of her darkest secrets to use at Furgeson’s disposal. But he’d get it, so it’s kind of a win-win.”

2. Lucy ‘Juice’ Gambaro

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“Leader of ‘the boys’ inside the prison, Juice is an old cow who intimidates the other, often younger women with threats of gang rape by her and her boys who are all infected with the ‘dirty C’. A notably messed up scene is when Juice orchestrates the gang rape of the hated former governor and new inmate Joan Ferguson, but karma is served when Ferguson later cuts out Juice’s tongue.” 

1. Joan ‘The Freak’ Ferguson

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“That brings us to probably the most twisted character I’ve seen on TV. The only way to describe Joan Ferguson is that she’s pure evil. Originally introduced to the show as the hardass stoic governor, we quickly see her dark side when she takes joy in physically and emotionally torturing the inmates. Remember that scene when she makes poor Jodie Spiteri shove a pencil in her own eye?! It then becomes clear that she’s actually very disturbed and her crimes worsen to murders etc, which eventually catches up to her and she’s thrown into Wentworth as a prisoner. Does she learn any lessons and change her way? Nah! The opposite in fact, she uses her superpower of manipulation to reign terror on the prison and eventually makes it to the all-important rank of Terp Derg.”

Season six of Wentworth premieres on Foxtel’s Showcase channel, June 19th and you can stream series 1-5 on Foxtel Demand now. To get access to the hectic amount of new dramas and complete seasons, both Aussie and international, check out Foxtel’s offers here, including the iQ3 – stream, record and watch new dramas without ever leaving your lounge room.

Image: Foxtel / Wentworth