The Queer Eye crew has confirmed they’re the busiest gang in show business by announcing Season 4 of their feel-good streaming phenomenon will hit Netflix on July 19.

Taking to Instagram with a sweet little clip (and a cameo from corporate ally Gritty), the Fab Five revealed they will be heading back to Kansas City to execute another suite of life-changing makeovers.

It is also illegal for us not to share photos individual members Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, and Tan France posted to celebrate the news.

But there’s even more good information for fans of the show. Variety reports Season 5 has also been locked in and will begin production in Philadelphia next week. That instalment will hit screens in 2020.

We guess the Gritty inclusion makes a bit of sense, then.

Considering all of this news, it’s not unreasonable they announce another Yass-centric tour to Australia. We pledge to let you know if, and when, that news breaks.

Source: Variety
Image: Emma McIntyre / Getty Images