Happy, happy Saturday folks ‘cos Netflix have done delivered the goods by giving us a crossover episode between the Queer Eye beauties and the magnificent Nailed It.

Dreams do come true.

Since both shows are celebrating their second season, it looks like Netflix decided to throw a party.

If you’re unfamiliar with Nailed It then just think of it as a genuinely amateur cooking show (not a Masterchefy freak show) celebrating kitchen screw-ups. Terrible cooks with hearts of gold try and recreate dessert masterpieces and whoever comes closest to doing just that wins a whopping $10,000.

And when I say screw-ups, I really do mean screw-ups:

It’s a highly relatable show.

The Fabulous ‘Queer Eye’ X ‘Nailed It’ Crossover Is All You Need Today
Credit: Netflix

Nailed It is hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and master pastry chef Jacques Torres. In this bonus episode, the two hosts inform the Fab Five they’ll be recreating little sweet cupcake versions of each other.

No really, LOOK:

The Fabulous ‘Queer Eye’ X ‘Nailed It’ Crossover Is All You Need Today
Credit: Netflix

Since Antoni’s the food and wine guy, you’d expect him to excel ‘cos even he says, “Walking into the Nailed It kitchen, it’s like a cook’s dream.” RIGHT? Right. So – and I’m extremely sorry to spoil this for you but I feel it’s a must – Antoni doesn’t end up cooking. Instead, he’s selected as the guest judge. Are you bummed? Because I’m SHATTERED. Although, I suppose it makes sense because Antoni’s a pro in the kitchen and that would be an unfair advantage.

Moving on – the episode’s an absolute treat and makes you feel better about yourself because as it turns out, Tan is not perfect at everything. Who would’ve thunk it?

Season two of Nailed It is up on Netflix already and you can find the crossover episode right at the end – episode seven. It does only go for twelve 12 minutes but we’ll take it.

If you don’t have Netflix, you can still enjoy a slightly shorter version of the episode on YouTube, below.

(The YouTube version goes for seven minutes so you’re only missing out on a little bit but I can tell you those five minutes are just slightly longer introductions to the Fab Five and their iconic intro song so no dramas.)

Image: Netflix / Nailed It