When the ABC murdered the ampersand in Q&A last month, some fans said the show’s new logo echoed the Red Cross emblem.

It turns out Red Cross Australia thought so, too.

Now Q+A has another new logo for the second time in a matter of weeks, thanks to an international convention regarding the usage of red crosses in signage and advertising material.

The Guardian Australia reports the show’s new red-and-white logo was colour-swapped after Red Cross Australia informed the ABC it was technically violating some guidelines around the emblem.

As seen below, the new iconography featured a small red ‘+’ marooned in the white text.

Doing so was a no-no. According to Red Cross Australia, the red cross isn’t just a logo, it’s the “universal emblem of protection in armed conflict,” and an internationally recognised symbol for “don’t shoot.”

This means that regular hospitals, health care organisations, and even first-aid kit manufacturers are discouraged from displaying the red cross. It also means that current affairs shows on the national broadcaster are advised against using it, lest they weaken the red cross’ semiotic impact.

“Misuse of the emblem in peacetime diminishes its protective power when it is most needed: in times of war,” Red Cross Australia states.

via Red Cross Australia

The Guardian reports personnel from Red Cross Australia reached out to the ABC, who changed Q+A‘s new imagery post-haste. Speaking to The Guardian, a Red Cross Australia spokesperson said it’s “always rewarding when people share that understanding.”

There’s no suggestion the ABC knowingly ran afoul of the guidelines. And, as The Guardo also points out, the ABC was instrumental in helping to raise funds for Red Cross Australia’s recent bushfire relief campaign. So, that’s all sorted then.

Meanwhile, Facebook commenters have used a post displaying the new logo to complain about socialism and the height of the new Q+A desk. Can’t win them all, we guess.

Image: ABC / Q+A