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There are some people in this world who just have the face to play a convincing villain.

They could be the nicest, most generous human in the world (with a heart of gold and a passion for saving baby animals), but you take one look at them through a lens and can already imagine them sending a buncha goons after a hunky hero in a speedboat.

Danish actor Pilou Asbæk is one of these humans. In regular life he’s a cool bearded dude with a cheeky grin, but as soon as he’s on camera he has a penchant for playing some of the most sinister dudes around.

You’re probs most familiar with him because of his turn as super mega bad guy Euron Greyjoy in the last couple of seasons of Game of Thrones where (SPOILER) he takes hold of the Iron Islands and heads to Kings Landing to chat with Cersei and make comments about fingers up bums. Real classy.

But now he’s here turning heads (and half-destroyed jaws) in J.J. Abrams new military horror flick, Overlord (directed by Aussie Julius Avery). Seriously, he’s one of the creepiest aspects of the whole film – and that’s saying something, coz it’s pretty dang skin-crawling.

Case in point: take a look at his character below. He may haunt your dreams.

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He plays Wafner, an SS officer who is dodgier than you would have imagined. Not only does he make a lecherous ol’ dude taking advantage of a young French woman named Chloe, but he’s also integral to the development of a super dodgy super soldier serum. Seriously, not cool.

It’s a seriously physical role and you know what? If we weren’t so utterly creeped out we’d be pretty bloody impressed with how intense and focused he is. The guy really, truly knows how to act the villain.

It’s something you wouldn’t expect from a dude who co-hosted Eurovision in Copenhagen way back in 2014. Somehow it’s hard to envision that sullen gaze passing over the lurid spandex and glitter of a big ol’ Eurovision spectacle as a saxophone, keytar and kazoo compete to dominate the crescendo of the song. AND YET:

Look at him go! Photo: Jörg Carstensen/Getty Images

Honestly it’s worth a watch just to see his creepy smile. And the best part is that this is only the beginning of the ghoulishly evil folk in the film – there’s so many more creeps to be had. But you’ll see that for yourself in the trailer below – just brace yourself.

Plus, you know, it’ll tide you over until we finally get more info about what his character gets up to in GoTBut you know what? Even Euron Greyjoy would shudder at this guy.

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