Get ready to bawl like a bb ‘coz one of the greatest rom-coms of all time, P.S. I Love You is reportedly getting a sequel.

Cecelia Ahern, the author behind the international bestseller which later became a film, has announced that she’s written a second part to her beloved novel.

“I have BIG NEWS!” The Irish novelist wrote on Twitter. “I’ve written the sequel to PS I LOVE YOU – titled POSTSCRIPT. POSTSCRIPT will be published September 19th in the UK & Ireland. I hope you’ll welcome back Holly… & Gerry…& that reading it will be as emotional for you as it was for me”.

Following the popularity of Ahern’s 2004-released novel, she became something of a rockstar novelist and has penned 15 novels since.

Her books have sold 25 million copies internationally and are published in more than 40 countries in 30 languages.

The original tear-jerker of a film starred Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler and was released in 2007.

There were several differences between the book and the movie adaptation, for example in the novel the main characters, Holly and Gerry Kennedy are Irish whereas in the film only Gerry is Irish and Holly is an Irish-American, living in New York.

Another difference is that in the novel Holly has several siblings, but in the film she has one. The film also adds a character called William, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

In the books, the letters arrive together in one big package and Holly is made to open them once a month while the film has the letters delivered individually by mail.

Despite the popularity of the film, it’s likely that Ahern will follow the formula of the book.

While there’s currently no announcement of a follow-up film, you just know there will probz be one down the track and we can’t bloody wait to see who gets cast.

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