Olivia Vivian is some sort of athlete, and Australian Ninja Warrior is letting her put her talents on full display to say the very least.

You might remember a couple of weeks back where Vivian made Ninja Warrior history by not only smashing the opening stage course without so much as raising a sweat, but pulling off the mind-bending feat of backflipping her way up the dreaded Warped Wall. Which in terms of normal person abilities is like hitting the shortcut on all three Rainbow Road laps in Mario Kart 64. It simply does not happen.

Vivian progressed through to the semi-final stages of this years series, and her crack at the second stage of the mind-bogglingly difficult obstacle course came last night.

Would you even believe, she crushed it.

Not only did Vivian progress through to the Grand Final of the series, becoming the first woman in the history of the show to do so, but she casually threw out yet another Warped Wall backflip. And it wasn’t even the final obstacle in the run.

Coming agonisingly close to completing the second stage, Vivian fell short thanks to the punishingly hard Hourglass-to-Tramp transition.

Seriously, but. Look at the backflip.

Look at it.


Olivia Vivian Is The First Woman To Reach The ‘Ninja Warrior’ Grand Final

How do you… where does she… why is…

It just looks way too easy for her. It is simply not fair.

Vivian is now set to compete in the Ninja Warrior Grand Final, where she’ll face off against her very own boyfriend Ben Polson, who also qualified for the final stage after completing the semi final course earlier in the night.

Bloody go you good thing. Give ’em hell.