Official Harry Potter site Pottermore has just revealed a list of words and names from the wizarding universe that you’ve almost definitely been pronouncing wrong, you huge, huge idiot.

And no it’s not just the whole “the ‘t’ in Voldemort is silent, you peasant!” yarn that J.K. Rowling tweeted ages ago (because announcing retrospective pieces of “canon” like all dragons are actually trans or whatever gives her a weird boner), but some more supposed legit ones.

Anyway, because we’re all obviously walking around in 2018 using extremely niche and entirely fictional words from a 20 year old children’s book series in our day-to-day vocab, here’s how to not fuck that up, I guess:

KNUTS – the smallest currency in the Potterverse have a strong, non-silent K and is thus pronounced “ca-nuts”, you huge nerd.

AMORTENTIA – this name of a made-up love potion which I think was mentioned maybe twice in the whole fucking series is pronounced “a-more-tent-tia”, with sharp ‘t’s, loser.

BEZOAR – this… *sighs*… magic rock, is pronounced “be-zor” with a silent ‘a’, you stupid, stupid fool.

MORSMORDE – this magic spell which makes a skull appear in the sky goes “mores-more-druh”, imbecile.

FIRENZE – old mate centaur’s name is pronounced “frenzy”, jerkface.

WIZENGAMOT – a type of UN council or some shit, it’s pronounced “we-zen-gaa-mought” you gigantic, insufferable pest.

Official Harry Potter Site Releases Pronunciation Guide For… Some Reason

Thanks JK Rowling. This was something we all definitely needed.

Source: Pottermore
Image: Warner Bros.