No one watches Married at First Sight to see good things happen. That is not how the show works. The show’s biggest drawcard is that nearly every relationship in the show is either in a state of obscene crisis or simply cut for time. Who wants to see nice, boring people have nice, boring relationships? Absolutely no one.

The rough structure of the show is that 95% of the airtime is dedicated to a handful of people who are spiralling out of control in a delightfully television-friendly way, with the remaining 5% given over to the couples who seem alright with each other, to remind you that this show is ostensibly about scientific matchmaking. At the end, something very lovely will happen or something terrible will happen, depending on what feels better for the narrative arc of the show as a whole.

We are obviously only ever shown the spicy bits — fights, disagreements, misunderstandings, terrible horniness — we don’t see people ever just being nice. But tonight we got a tiny glimmer in Nic.

Tonight, Nic held fast against the increasingly erratic head movements of Jess.

While it’s certainly worth stressing that no one on the show is actually married to anyone, Nic is very much especially not married to Jess or, at the very least, he is far more not married to Jess than he is not married to his actual fake wife, Cyrell (I hope this makes sense). This didn’t stop Jess from apparently cracking on to him, which prompted to Nic to calmly, gently, promptly, and adorably bashfully tell her to rack off.

Someone doing the right thing? That basically never happens on MAFS. But someone doing the right thing and actually showing the regular, normal emotions that a real human being would if they weren’t being filmed? That is the rarest gift of all.