In a big HELL YES: Spicks and Specks is headed back to our screens for not one, not two, but four (4!) specials.

The hugely beloved trio, consisting of OG host Adam Hills and team captains Myf Warhurst and Alan Brough, first made dreams come true last year when they reunited for a special “one-off” for Ausmusic Month in November. Well folks, another special episode is set to hit your screens this November, as well as three new shows in 2020.

Per the ABC’s announcement this morning, the three shows will focus on music from the ’90s, the 2000s, and the 2010s.

“From the moment Alan, Myf and I were together in a room for last year’s Spicks and Specks Reunion Special, we had each other in fits of laughter,” Hills said in a statement.

“Any time I can spend with those two fools is time well spent, and if it takes four more specials to make it happen – so be it!”

Hills described last year’s reunion show as an “overwhelming” experience, both to film and watch on the telly. Also, ABC said the hour-long special was their highest rated program of 2018. In other words, the people have spoken and they want more Spicks and Specks. 

“Spicks and Specks has a special place in our hearts, and I’m genuinely excited to make a few more specials for the ABC.”

Filming will take place over four evenings this October at the ABC Southbank studios in Melbourne. Read more about filming / register for your free ticket right here.

The ABC has yet to announce a release date for this year’s Ausmusic month special but we’ll keep you posted.

Image: ABC