Because you’re all so gung-ho on true crime at the moment, you’ll be bloody tickled to know that Netflix is leaning right into that obsession and is launching a new series based on the non-fiction novel ‘The Innocent Man‘ by John Grisham.

The six-parter series will follow the brutal murders of Debra Sue Carter and Denice Haraway in 1982 and 1984 respectively, and the allegedly wrongful convictions of four men from AdaOklahoma.

‘The Innocent Man‘ is a bit ‘Making A Murderer‘ – very much a real-life ‘whodunit’ that involves four men who were potentially wrongfully convicted, narrowly escaped death row, the coercion and corruption in US authorities, the effect that incarceration can have on someone’s mental health, and the possibility that the killer of these two women over 30 years ago could very possibly have gotten away scot-free.

The Innocent Man‘ blends existing documents and files with interviews with the families and friends of the victims, journalists, John Grisham, residents of Ada, attorneys, and others who were involved with the trials in the 80s.

The big question is – did they do it?

Check out the first trailer below and get yourself ready for December 14 when this one will hit Netflix.