It’s hard to judge the impact of Nathan For You now, and it probably won’t be fully realised until a good handful of years from now. But regardless, Comedy Central has finally confirmed long-held suspicions: the incredibly good show is done, for good.

Nathan For You, the demented brainchild of the powerfully ridiculous Nathan Fielder, wrapped its fourth season in November last year. Since then speculation has been rife as to whether the series will continue, but it took until today for network bosses to confirm the show is done and dusted.

The decision reported came from Fielder himself, with the 35-year-old performer opting to focus on other creative projects moving forward. In a short statement issued to media, Comedy Central remarked on the show’s accomplishments.

For the past five years Comedy Central had the pleasure of working with the brilliant Nathan Fielder on Nathan For You. His innovative and quick-witted humour has made the show a comedic touchstone and we’re proud to have been a part of it. We respect Nathan’s decision to end the series and look forward to geeking out over his next project.

The series was notable for a string of big-scale public stunts, including Dumb Starbucks: a working, full-size replica of Starbucks that circumvented trademark laws by simply placing the word “Dumb” in front of all branding and products.

So there you have it. No more Nathan For You. What a bloody ride it was.

Source: Vulture