Friends, it’s still Valentine’s Day on the other side of the world so to celebrate, we bestow upon you this video of The Mountain from Game of Thrones – real name Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson – reading out beautiful love poems from fans.

File this one under ‘Odd But… Nice’.

Sure, this is an unexpected gift to stans awaiting the highly-anticipated final season of the HBO series but who are we to complain?

Now The Mountain may be an extremely violent, murderous monster in the series but in real life, he’s nothing but a big ol’ softie with a fondness for poetry.

Lounging on a couch surrounded by a crackling fire and a bottle of SodaStream – the sponsors of the video – The Mountain reads out a number of poems from fans. One is from an Aussie who goes under the name of thiccboi3000. 

Thiccboi3000 put it quite simply to The Mountain: “I love you like Kanye loves Kanye.” 

How romantic.

Another fan, rather dedicated, wrote The Mountain this wonderful poem:

“Lannisters are red,
White Walkers are blue,
And on this Valentine’s Day,
I give all of Westeros to you. 

“From the Wall to the north,
“And through the Iron Islands,
On this Valentine’s Day,
You bring me smiles.” 

Well, isn’t that just sweet?

Our favourite? Kate, a woman who knows exactly what she wants.

“Blood is red,
Bruises are blue,
Treat Kate like a Queen,
Or I will crush you.”

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Game of Thrones season eight will premiere on April 14 in the United States. That means Australia will cop it on April 15 because of time zones and all that.

Source: The AV Club
Image: YouTube / SodaStream