It’s been a solid 22 years since the legendary Minneapolis-area junior hockey team completed their iconic three-peat of claiming a city peewee championship, defeating the fearsome Icelandic team to earn a gold medal at the renowned Junior Goodwill Games, and toppling an experienced Varisty side in a highly-publicised intra-college scratch match at Seton Hall University. Now it seems the story of the one, the only Mighty Ducks will finally be getting the narrative TV series they so richly deserve.

A story immortalised in a trilogy of documentary films – ChampionsD2, and D3 – the legend of Charlie Conway, the Bash BrothersJulie The Cat” Gaffney and others looks set to make the jump across to a scripted series thanks to the US ABC.

ABC Signature Studios is reportedly in the very early stages of developing a dramedy based on the 90s classic, though details are few and far between.

The Hollywood Reporter asserts that the project was put in motion after OG screenwriter Steven Brill and OG producer Jordan Kerner approached the studio about a new project based off the old films. ABC is, so the story goes, intensely thirsty for prior Disney properties that can potentially be updated, so an update of The Mighty Ducks seems like an inevitability.

Brill is reportedly going to write the script for the new series, which has no network home at this point.

It’s also not clear if any of the original cast – namely Emilio Estevez or Joshua Jackson – would be interested in returning, nor is it clear if the new project would be a continuation of the original storylines, or whether it’d be a entire reboot of the franchise.

Either way, one thing remains clear: Ducks flew together once before. And apparently, they’re about to fly again.

A ‘Mighty Ducks’ TV Series Is Coming To Crosscheck Your Childhood

Source: The Hollywood Reporter