Here at PEDESTRIAN.TV, we use a rigorous framework to determine which stories are worth your time. What issues matter most to you, our beloved audience? Which stories will enable you to make informed decisions, have a laugh, or kill three minutes on public transport? There’s a constant push-and-pull between our writers’ personal tastes, P.TV’s broad editorial mandate, and, quite simply, how much shit we already have on our plate. Yet there’s one criteria which trumps all: if the national broadcaster utters the word “cunt” in a story, we’re gonna write about it. So here we are.

Last night, Media Watch discussed a recent fuck-up by Adelaide radio station Nova 91.9, which aired a very, very sweary advert for salon chain Essential Beauty.

On November 13, a Nova announcer described a new Essential Beauty offer – kids’ ear piercing for the low, low price of $42.95 – by saying parents could “mutilate those little cunts beyond recognition with double operators and minimum fuss.” Media Watch reported that Essential Beauty was understandably furious about the fuck-up, and that Nova has launched an investigation into how that swear made it to the air.

The broadcast has already achieved fame through Instagram account @ShitAdelaide, the City of Churches’ premiere curator of heaps good things.

Whether or not that c-bomb discouraged any listeners from taking advantage of the deal is yet to be determined, but for now, we can all bask in the warm glow of the ABC airing some proper filth on a Monday night. You can, and should, listen to the ABC’s report here. It kicks off at the 13:40 mark.