Here we go, mates: The only good food show returns to TV screens tonight, with 7:30pm marking the premiere of MasterChef Australia season 11. With it, some 60-odd episodes of utterly ridiculous culinary drama.

We already know that previous favourites Matt SinclairPoh Ling Yeow, and Billie McKay are returning to the series to step into the role of mentors for the contestants, particularly during Immunity Challenges, filling the role previously held by Shannon Bennett.

But we have sneakily learned one other key piece of information from tonight’s episode – something that Channel Ten will no doubt be filthy with us for posting.

It goes without saying, but if you’re not keen to read any SPOILERS, look away now.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has learned that, on tonight’s episode, Judge Matt Preston‘s pants are…

…well, pretty fucken ridiculous TBH.

Old mate is strutting back into the new season looking less like he’s a food judge and more like he’s about to sell an entire 1868 town Miracle Cures before escaping the incensed townsfolk by the skin of his teeth in the middle of the night.

He looks like he arrived on set fresh from scoring second place in the St Kilda Football Club’s “Most Fucked Pants” competition.

And just what in the blue hell is going on here?

MASTERCHEF SPOILER: Matt Preston’s Idiot Pants Are Back, Baby!

Preston’s up here literally dragging on Neapolitan pants and trying to jiggle up a milkshake that brings all the boys to his yard.

Hell yeah, MasterChef is back tonight. As always, we’ll be recapping it. God help us.

Image: Instagram / MasterChef Australia