At last, the new trailer for Making A Murderer: Part 2 has been dropped on the world, promising an inside look at the ongoing battle to have US man Steven Avery acquitted of the 2005 murder of Teresa Halbach.

The first peek at the cult hit Netflix documentary series focuses on new attorney Kathleen Zellner and her claims that key elements of the prosecution’s case were dodgy as hell.

Of course, the first instalment of the series highlighted the unique factors surrounding the case: Avery’s previous wrongful conviction over a separate murder, his massive lawsuit against Manitowoc County for locking him up for 18 years, and the coercive tactics law enforcement officers used against Avery’s nephew Brendan Dassey.

You can expect those factors to get airtime in Part 2, but new clip also shows some of Zellner’s fresher claims, including the allegation that a crucial phone call used by the prosecution to place Hallbach on Avery’s property was actually picked up by a mobile phone tower many kilometres away.

The series goes live on October 19. Get ready, folks.

Image: Netflix / YouTube