AHDJHFLISJNSOFJNOEF honestly, I thought my Married At First Sight reporting days were nigh but clearly they are NOT NIGH, they’ve just fucking begun.

I can now count on three hands how many MAFS stories I’ve written for this website which is equal parts impressive and terrifying. Here comes another.

Tracey Jewel, my fave and the long-suffering wife of royal dickhead Dean Wells, has been papped in Bali checking into a fancay resort with none other than fellow contestant and absolute not-husband Sean Thomsen.

The best bit? It was back in FEB. That’s a million years ago.

The pair reportedly shacked up in swank resort Karma Kandara in Uluwatu, according to Daily Mail.

The two were spotted together twice in Jan, and literally confronted about their relationship to which Tracey stressed they were “just friends”.

Sean was paired with Blair Rachael on the show, but they split only a month in.

Which was literally not even of consequence to anyone who was watching.

The pics were obtained exclusively by Daily Mail, and you can see ’em over here. While there’s no smewches it’s preeeeeetty chummy to jet off to a Balinese villa together, no?

I smell ROMANCE and I will NOT be stopped from smelling it, do not deny me this juice.

Tracey’s so far declined to comment. Dramaaaaa.

Image: Channel 9