Annnnd, we have a release date. After a couple of bloody years, Luther season five will finally premiere on New Year’s Day, BBC One revealed on Twitter.

The news comes just about a week after BBC One unleashed the trailer for the upcoming season which will have four episodes. Yeah, this is a pretty short season but it is better than season four’s two episodes.


As we see in the trailer, Idris Elba and his coat return to capture a particularly disturbing serial killer, one that hunts his victims in a terrifying mask. There’s also a new face on the block – a D.S. Catherine Halliday, played by Wunmi Mosaku who 100 per cent does not know what she’s getting herself into.

Not to mention the itty bitty detail of Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) returning from the dead. Cast your minds back to season four and right in episode one – during Luther’s self-imposed exile – he’s informed that Alice’s body has been recovered after a supposed drowning. I mean, we never saw Alice die but the initial investigation into her death sure made it look like she was dead. Anywhoo, in the very last second of the trailer we see Alice alive and well which will undoubtedly make season five even more twisted than it already is.

Considering the gaps between seasons and the dwindling episodes, fans have been wondering if this will be Luther’s final season however, Elba himself, confirmed there would be another chapter.

“This season is not the end,” Elba told Empire“But there are some real changes that will happen.”

Whether these “changes” will take the form of a film or sixth season is yet to be confirmed.

Luther season five – New Year’s Day.

In the meantime, you can catch all previous seasons on Netflix. 

Image: BBC / Luther