Ever since Love Island Australia introduced it’s ~bad boy~ Jaxon Human to their Mallorca villa, speculation has been rife about whether the Charlie Hunnam look-a-like is actually called Jaxon.

And by speculation I mean no one actually believed that for a second, especially since “Jaxon” has a full-back tatt of Sons Of Anarchy just like his TV show namesake, and conveniently likes motorbikes and styling his hair and beard exactly like said character.

Never sell yourself short, Jaxon! We ❤️ you. @LoveIslandAU #LoveIslandAU

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Our bad boy bikie was evicted last night, so he’s doing the interview rounds today – and naturally, his name has come up.

“Jaxon is my real name in that my mum, my family, my friends have been calling me Jaxon for the past five years,” he told TheFIX. “But on my birth certificate, it isn’t Jaxon.”

WE KNEW IT. Except then it got a bit emotional.

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“I don’t really want to say [what my birth certificate name is] because I have sort of a relationship with my father in that name, and I don’t really speak to my father anymore. He obviously wasn’t a big part in my life.”

Oh god it was all fun and games until you mentioned how you hate your birth name bc it reminds you of your absent father, Jaxon.

Anyway, the reality star also said he’s “in the process of changing it legally”, so soon it WILL be his legal name. There you go.

Now if someone can arrange a photo side-by-side with Jaxon and Charlie Hunnam, we’d be forever grateful.

Image: Channel Nine