CONTENT WARNING: This article discusses sexual assault.

Even if the title of new documentary series Lorena doesn’t ring a bell, its core details are hard to forget: in 1993, Lorena Bobbitt severed the penis of her sleeping husband John Wayne Bobbitt and fled into the early morning light. She threw his penis into a patch of grass near a convenience store. The penis was recovered and reattached; Lorena was found not guilty of malicious wounding after a jury found she was temporarily insane. He was acquitted of rape.

The story and subsequent trial garnered international attention, but always retained a sheen of melodrama. Lorena, a four-part series executive produced by Get Out mastermind Jordan Peele, aims to expose the harrowing circumstances which led to that bloody act.

The first trailer for Lorena shows glimpses of the court case and her allegations of prior physical and sexual abuse, providing context left out of many attention-grabbing headlines. Featuring interviews with both Lorena and John Wayne – who has denied the allegations levelled against him– the series promises to address the sensational case with more sensitivity than contemporaneous takes.

Have a look:

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