Actors Sam Waterston and Jane Fonda were arrested overnight in Washington D.C. after participating in a climate protest, quietly confirming Netflix’s Grace And Frankie as the most politically progressive show around.

Variety reports Waterston and Fonda were cuffed for demonstrating outside the Capitol building as part of the Fire Drill Fridays, a single week after cops first arrested 81-year-old Fonda for allegedly “crowding and obstructing” the site.

But former Law & Order star Waterston said he was less acquainted with real handcuffs, telling NBC reporter Frank Thorp V it was his first-ever time being arrested.

NBC reports a total of 17 people were arrested during the latest demonstrations, with Capitol Police citing alleged unlawful demonstration.

In a display of magnaminity, Fonda described the arresting officers as “extremely nice and professional.”

The latest arrests come after a period of focused climate messaging from Fonda, who is using her personal website celebrate the Fire Drill Fridays movement and promote the urgent attitudes of writer Naomi Klein and teen activist Greta Thunberg.

“I’ve been deeply inspired by the student climate strikers,” Fonda said in a recent video.

“They’re already giving up so much to fight for a right to their future, so the question for the rest of us is: what are we willing to give up, what time and energy will we devote to it? What sacrifices will we make?”

Her answer apparently involves being arrested for the cause.

So, there you have it: Barbarella and Jack McCoy think civil disobedience is alright.

Source: Variety
Image: Manuel Balce Ceneta / AP