In a galaxy far, far away where film rights don’t exist is a totally legitimate The Last Jedi remake project put together by forever-unsatisfied-Star-Wars-fans (?).

Again, The Last Jedi upset some particular fan(boys) because it didn’t follow lore la-da-di-da-too-many-women-Luke-Skywalker-is-showing-real-flaws-OH-NO.

It’s been a long six months since the film’s release but people are still bashing away at their keyboards and harassing actors and director Rian Johnson. Rose Tico actor Kelly Marie Tran exited Instagram earlier this month and even though she hasn’t confirmed the reasons why, it appears to be connected to the hordes of toxic Star Wars fans.

Now, a Twitter account, by the name of Remake The Last Jedi has suddenly popped up on the internet and just look:

Nobody quite knows who this team is but they’re apparently based in Los Angeles. 

So in essence, this campaign is to “provide Disney an opportunity to course correct with the Star Wars franchise. The fans are completely divided and the core goal of Star Wars has been abandoned. The goal is to not make one half of the fandom happy over the other, it is to make a film that the fandom in general as a whole enjoys.” 

Can you ever imagine holding such a bloody grudge?

And now to the plan outline:

“The producers behind this have pledged to cover the budget, but you can pledge an amount to have your voice heard.  You DO NOT have to put financial or personal information in, just an email address and a pledge.”

Very, very rich and mysterious producers apparently.

According to the website 56, 526, 770 real dollars has already been pledged in part by the producers and by donations. Yes, donations and yes, said with the confidence this remake is already happening.

As per the website:

Donate 10 bucks and you get a free ticket to see the remake in theatres. Donate $25 and score a lovely “I saved Star Wars” Limited edition t-shirt. Donate $100 and you get to be an extra in the remake. Donate $10,000 and cop an invite to the remake premiere.

If you’re feeling extremely befuddled by this entire thing you’re not alone. Seth Rogen’s bloody confused by whatever’s going on so he went ahead and tweeted the account.

Read along for Shark Tank: The Last Jedi edition.


~True Fans~ Start Campaign To Seriously Remake ‘The Last Jedi’
Credit: Remake The Last Jedi

RMTHeLastJedi stopped replying at this point.

Again, because it’s that easy:

“It’s a pretty solid brand so that’s how the investors know they’d have a good shot at making money. To get the legal rights we would need a meeting with Disney which would require getting their attention, we got yours didn’t we?”

Oh, there’s no doubt the kingdom of Disney hasn’t already seen this somewhere. US entertainment publications Vanity Fair, AV Club, Indiewire, and EW have already run the piece. But to genuinely think Disney would actually say yes and erase millions of dollars… mate. 

But hey, at least they’ve totally got Rian’s support:

Image: Star Wars: The Last Jedi