Human sunshine Kristen Bell has revealed the touching reason why she agreed to reprise her iconic role as the Veronica Mars. 

In this new eight-episode season, Neptune comes under attack after a series of deadly bombings hit the seaside town, threatening its lifeblood tourist industry. Hired by a victim’s family to find the killer, Veronica and her taser are swept into a mystery that pits the town’s wealthy elites against the working class.

As Bell shared in an interview with Access Hollywood, Veronica Mars is a giant show to shoot.

“I’m here a lot of hours, which means, logistically, I’m away from my kids more hours. And missing four or five bedtimes a week.”

Bell and her partner Dax Shepard share two daughters, four-year-old Delta and six-year-old Lincoln. But when Bell read and reread the script and watched the older seasons, she just knew she had to do it.

“I want my girls to have this character in their life,” she said. “I want her to be a zeitgeist. I want girls to reference her, I want girls to feel like her.”

She continued:

“Now I see why a lot of young girls and women said, ‘thank you for doing that show’. It wasn’t just because we entertained them, it was because she was a force in their life.

“She was an example.”

Damn right.

Season four will see the return of Logan (Jason Dohring) and the introduction of newcomer Clyde Prickett. The bloke, played by J.K. Simmons (Whiplash), is a friend and associate of Richard “Big Dick” Casablancas – the father of Dick and Cassidy Casablancas. And how do they know each other? Jail.

Clyde now spends his post-prison life working as Big Dick’s “fixer.” He’s also got a whole network of ex-cons at his disposal.

Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Francis Capra, Max Greenfield, Ryan Hansen, Ken Marino, Mary McDonnell, and Patton Oswalt also star.

Veronica Mars will stream exclusively on Stan from July 27.


Image: Veronica Mars