We finally know who forked out $7,000 for the leather jockstrap that Russell Crowe wore in the film Cinderella Man: none other than John Oliver.

Following Crowe’s unflinchingly named divorce auction (“The Art of Divorce“), there was substantial speculation that the late night TV show host had purchased the item, thanks largely to the interest he professed in the auction on his show and the fact that the purchaser wasn’t present in Sydney for the auction.

Although, obviously, spending seven large on a piece of non-vegan lingerie that Russell Crowe wore in a film is its own reward, it turns out this particular purchase was made for an even greater purpose: to donate to one of America‘s few remaining Blockbusters.

As Oliver says on the show, despite Blockbuster having declared bankruptcy, there are still four independent franchise stores operating in the continental US, three of them in Alaska. In a bid to help them keep afloat, Oliver, on behalf of the how, has offered to send the item to the store so that they can attract more customers.

It doesn’t stop at the jockstrap, however. The show also purchased a director’s chair with Crowe’s name on it, a director’s chair with Denzel Washington‘s name on it (?), part of Crowe’s costume from Les Misérables, and a hood (fittingly) from Robin Hood.

Oliver gave the manager of the last remaining Blockbuster in beautiful Anchorage, Alaska 48 hours to give him a call so they could sort out the particulars. I sure hope they do it.

You can watch the entire clip below and bask in Oliver’s deep, unmasked glee at the sheer absurdity of having done this.

Image: YouTube