Jamie Lee Curtis – the star of the OG Halloween in 1978, and the only babysitter to survive Michael Myers‘  (then played by Nick Castle) bloodlust – is back for the 11th instalment in the franchise, yet again titled Halloween, and Laurie Strode herself is out for blood.

The new film, albeit one that chooses to ignore every other movie but the original, sees Myers (James Jude Courtney, with a cameo Myers appearance from the original, Castle) escape from captivity – where he has been for the last 40 years – and start doing what he does best: killing teens/women in Illinois suburbia on Halloween night for no discernible reason. It’s all leading up to the ultimate confrontation – with the one who got away, Curtis. Except this time Curtis is prepared, and she’s got a fucking shotgun: “He’s waited for this night, he’s waited for me, I’ve waited for him.”

The movie’s written by Jeff Fradley, David Gordon Green and Eastbound & Down‘s Danny McBride, with Green also occupying the director’s chair.

Curtis, for her part, appears chuffed to be back at the helm of a major horror franchise, really plugging the thing on Twitter.

Our fave is this – a shot of her, Judy Greer, and Andi Matichak, who feature in the movie as her daughter and granddaughter respectively.

Anyway, we’re meant to be talking about a horror movie and that shit is too wholesome. Let’s get back to it: the first scene in the trailer is incredibly cooked, with some researchers going to visit Myers and waving his mask at him for a reason we do not yet know, setting off a whole prison yard of criminally insane people. It’s chilling, and I hate it.

Anyway, once Myers escapes, Curtis is ready for the confrontation, or so she says:

Do you know that I’d pray every night that he would escape?

Why the hell did you do that for?” says Mr. Policeman.

“So I could kill him.”


Yeah, it looks creepy as hell. So if you’re keen to wet your pants watching a serial killer just try to hurt queen Jamie Lee Curtis, you can catch it in cinemas October 18.

Image: Halloween