When you’ve got actual decent shows with massive fan bases being pulled off the air, it can be pretty fkn frustrating when a show like Insatiable that pissed literally everybody off gets renewed for a second season.

Netflix‘s official Twitter account confirmed the news, writing: “Grab your caboodle. Season 2 is coming in 2019.”

Before the first season of the show had even hit the streaming giant, over 200,000 people signed a change.org petition urging for its immediate cancellation.

Insatiable copped mega backlash for promoting fat-shaming and revenge bullying and was absolutely rinsed by critics.

Vox’s title sums up their review: “Netflix’s Insatiable is somehow both obscenely cruel and terminally dull.” 

Vulture described the show as “an utter disaster” and then really tore it a new one with:

One season of this show makes me feel nauseated enough to know I definitely don’t need to sample any more. That’s not because I’m worried about too much bingeing. It’s because I have some taste.

The Hollywood Reporter put it simply – “The Bottom Line: Not Very Good” although THR wrote there was some “good news” being that its “fat-shaming is only one of its many problems.” 

Variety described the show as “a dozen different and equally bewildering shows happening all at once – and not a single one knows where its strength might actually lie.”

Literally the show’s only redeeming quality IMO is the fact that it stars queen Alyssa Milano but even me, a Charmed mega fan couldn’t bring myself to sit through the damn thing.


All I can say is that I hope they’ve recognised that the first season was an offensive pile of cow dung and work on weaving a socially responsible and inspirational storyline.

Image: Insatiable